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Porch Pride June 25th 2022

Hamilton Porch Pride 2022
“Showing Love In Our Community”

What: We're encouraging friends and family to decorate neighbourhoods in rainbow style in support, solidarity, and celebration of our 2SLGBTQAI+ Community. Decorate your front yard/balcony/windows with rainbows, make chalk drawings, put up pictures, play music, dress up if you feel like it!
Encourage your neighbours to participate and cover your block in rainbows!

Where: Hamilton & surrounding areas

When: Saturday June 25th, 2022

From 12pm to 3pm - party on your porch! Wave at your neighbours, pretend you’re on your very own Pride parade float. If you'd like your house/building/business to be included in our Rainbow map send address (or street with closest intersection) to hamiltonporchpride "at" gmail.com.

Who: Friends, family, neighbours, and allies. We'd also love for local businesses to participate as well!

Disclaimers & Safety Notes:
- Participate only if you feel it will not put you in harms way; we acknowledge that not everyone has the privilege to be “out” safely especially in public spaces.
- Please do not trespass on people’s properties.
- We highly encourage allies to join in and help show support.
- Rainbow Map details to follow. Encourage your neighbours to get involved! Map will be released the morning of June 25th. (If you don't want individual house/building numbers you can just send in street and closest intersection)
- This is a grass roots community project and not a formally organized event. Hamilton Porch Pride is not formally associated with any group or organization.