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Printable Educational Easter Egg Hunt


After talking with a few parents I've noticed we have similar concerns about the upcoming Easter holiday; so much sugar! So much plastic! So much wasteful junk! And not to mention it gets expensive $$$! I get it, it's a lot and can be overwhelming and the sugar crash melt downs make you wonder why we keep doing this to ourselves year after year! So I've started to compile a list of activities and DIY alternatives for families to enjoy together. 

This Easter egg hunt is sugar free, plastic free, low waste, reusable, and educational (eggucational?). Perfect for preschoolers and people becoming familiar with colours, numbers, and letters. You could choose to offer a prize for completion (such as the colouring sheet featured at the end) or you can make the fun of the search reward enough on it's own. Get your family moving while they hunt for matching eggs and your little ones will be so eggcited they won't even realize they're also learning in the process  (sorry for the puns, I can't help myself!).

Activities included in this printable:

  • Colour Egg Hunt
  • Number Egg Hunt (1-10)
  • Letter Egg Hunt (A-Z)
  • Bonus Colouring Page

Materials Needed:

  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape or other wall safe removable adhesive
  • Optional - crayons, coloured pencils, or markers
  • Optional - popsicle sticks or straws


Pick one or two of these egg hunt lists depending on your child's ability and attention span; all three in one day may be overwhelming for them. Have an adult print and cut out images, colour if desired (colour eggs are precoloured to save time). Put masking tape or wall safe removeable adhesive on the back of the paper and place eggs around your home and/or yard. If you are doing your egg hunt outside you can also tape some of them popsicle sticks or straws and pop them in the soil to keep them steady. Safety first: make sure that eggs are placed in low easy to find areas and away from any potential hazards or falls.

LINK TO: Printable Educational  Easter Egg Hunt