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DIY Tissue Paper Flower Crown

Let’s make a tissue paper flower crown!

For this craft you’ll need: regular tissue paper, scissors, pencil, ruler, embroidery thread (or other strong thin string), three pipe cleaners.

Step 1 - cut out squares of tissue paper. I did 8cms by 8cms but you can do any size you like. How many flowers you need will depend how big you make them.

Step 2 - You need four tissue paper squares per flower. Do an accordion fold for each stack of 4 squares.

Step 3 - Tie embroidery thread with a knot around the centre of each accordion bundle. Not too tight you don’t want puckering. Leave excess thread hanging for now because we’ll use that to attach to the base later.

Step 4 - Cut a the corners off each end of the accordion bundles. I’ve done a round shape but you can do pointed if you like.


Step 5 - Carefully start peeling the tissue paper layers upwards towards the centre thread with the knot on the bottom of the flower. Excess thread should be hanging underneath.

Step 6 - Take three pipe cleaners and twist them together at their ends to make a circle. You may need to adjust circle size to get the right fit so try on first before attaching flowers.

Step 7 - Tie the flowers to the pipe cleaner base using the embroidery thread. Knot several times til secure. Trim excess thread. Repeat for each flower until crown is full.

Step 8 - Look fabulous in your new flower crown!

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