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Due to COVID-19, Creative Heart Space closed it's doors in March of 2020 to in person events and bookings. At this time the focus is on pop up events, the Creative Heart Space webstore, and grass roots community support projects.

Creative Heart Space History

From 2018 to 2020 Creative Heart Space was a multipurpose arts & community space, owned and operated by Hamilton Art's Award nominee Cadence Machry.

The studio was opened as a comfortable affordable place to teach and hold small scale creative activities and build community as well as a place where Cadence could teach creative arts classes and workshops. Creative Heart Space hosted a variety of events including: workshops & classes, community events & meetings, acoustic coffee house nights, poetry readings, performance rehearsals, trunk shows, mini markets, photo shoots, and fundraisers during it's time at 627 Main Street East in Hamilton, Ontario. 

Community Commitment
Creative Heart Space has volunteered at local community events to provide the children's craft table for events such as Rainbow Stories For Rainbow Families (Hamilton Pride), Pride Rally at City Hall (Hamilton Pride), and the Hamilton Family's Belong Together Rally, and Right on Target PA days.  Additionally, Cadence initiated and ran a weekly free community meetup "Family Art In The Park" at Gage Park once a week throughout the summer in 2018 just prior to opening the Creative Heart Space studio. Once the studio was open it hosted a free monthly "Adult Craft Night", monthly "Free Family Art" mornings, as well as community fundraisers, and clothing and toy swaps.



Founder Cadence Machry is a multi award winning entrepreneur with a background in fashion, performance arts, and community engagement. She is a secular homeschooling mom of two young children. She currently lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.