Local Delivery in lower city central Hamilton


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have a physical location I can visit?
A. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 crisis we decided to close our studio location in September 2020 and operate online and through popup shops. We hope to reopen in another physical location once it is safe again. Our business is based out of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. 

Q. Do you only cater to children and families?
A. No, Creative Heart Space is intended for people of all ages and backgrounds. We also offer a range of products and workshops for adults. 

Q. What currency are your prices?
A. All prices are listed in Canadian dollars (we are a Canadian based company). 

Q. What exactly does Creative Heart Space do?
A. Our mission is to help nurture creative connections to yourself and others. We believe in the importance of taking time to switch off screens and focusing on the moment through arts and crafts individually or in group settings. In non COVID times this would mean we'd be doing in person creative classes, workshops, special events, fundraisers, and popups where we'd facilitate different arts and crafts based activities. In the fall of 2020 we pivoted our business model to include more retail sales of handmade goods and craft related supplies to help keep our customers crafting while we can't be together in person. 

Q. Do you offer wholesale pricing?
A. Not at this time but it is a possibility in the future for our Creative Heart Space branded products. 

Q. Do you ship outside of Canada?
A. Generally yes, but it's best to email us ahead of time to make sure that we are able to ship to your country. 

Q. Do you accept returns or offer refunds?
A. At this time we are unable to accept and process returns. If there is an issue with your order such as a manufacturers defect, damage during shipping, or a piece missing please email us within 7 business days and we will ship you a replacement.

Q. Are you a charity based business?
A. No. We believe in the importance of giving back to our community and while we do not at this time have charitable status we do plan to set up a specific community fund in the future to help us continue our volunteer work and distributing donations.