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"Mental Health Is A Mixed Bag" Fundraiser

"Mental Health Is A Mixed Bag" Fundraiser

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Mental Health Is A Mixed Bag Fundraiser

Definition of mixed bag
1: a miscellaneous collection

In late Spring 2021, Creative Heart Space founder and community volunteer, Cadence Machry experienced a mental health relapse of her CPTSD symptoms due to a combination of pandemic stress and witnessing an event that was both triggering and traumatic. After many challenges, hard days, and long nights she was able to access private therapy to assist with her ongoing recovery. As a self employed artist she does not have the benefit of workplace insurance to cover these costs and has been paying out of pocket for these expenses and will need to continue to do so for the next 3-6 months as she continues her therapy programs. Costs for these essential sessions are upwards of $800 per month, which as you can imagine is a difficult but necessary expense at this time. 

Asking for help is hard, especially when a person is used to being the helper. But rather than setting up a Gofundme, Cadence decided to setup her own fundraiser her way. "Mental Health Is A Mixed Bag" is a fundraiser that offers supporters the option of buying a mixed grab bag of arts & craft goodies curated by Cadence including books, mini crafts, stickers, supplies and more. Grab bags options will be available for adults as well as two options for children ages 4 and older.

If you would like to support but aren't interested in acquiring more supplies, there is also an option to make a cash donation to this fundraiser. Use code “NOSHIP” at checkout for cash donations so that you don’t get charged a shipping fee.

Every little bit helps to reduce the mounting costs, and every penny donated is deeply appreciated. Cadence is looking forward to a full recovery and cannot wait to be back volunteering and serving her community again. 

Thank you for your support!

Mixed Bags will be ready for distribution/pickup early to mid September

(Each mix bag is a surprise assortment of goodies. All sales final.)